Paul is my agent for life. He has helped my family sell our house in 2004, then I asked for his help again when I was looking to buy it in 2012. He's also helped me buy an investment unit. Anyone who tried to buy a house in San Francisco, especially, highly competitive areas like Sunset knows that there will be more than 20 offers and many of them will be all cash. It is an understatement to say that it is not an easy task. Then there are complications, like in my case there was an owner who stalled transaction for almost 10 months hoping I'll quit and he can get out of the contract and sell higher, there were people living in the property who "didn't want to move out", that is to say - they were taking advantage of the Single-Family tenant's favoritism and simply wanted to extort money from the new landlord me in exchange for their moving out. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we had to deal with but it gives an idea. To fast-forward this - I'd be without my beautiful house if it wasn't for Paul. His knowledge of local laws, people's common tricks, law advisers, etc have made this a success. At times I felt like it wasn't going to happen I remind, it took almost 10 months. But Paul's commitment and perseverance kept me going. My purchase was among the more difficult transactions he's ever done, but he had to manage many other transactions at the same time! I don't know how he did it because our transaction demanded his time all the time during those 10 memorable months.

Helen N.

I've been a client of Zinchik Brothers for a decade and in that period of time bought two properties. Most of my day-to-day nuances are handled with Eugene, however, Pavel has been involved as well. To say that this team goes above and beyond would be an understatement. The properties both had interesting stories and needed work. Eugene attended every viewing with my mom and me and walked us through the possibilities as if he was buying it for himself. He was honest, he was diligent, and he knew when to tell me to stop dreaming. The first condo was an incredible purchase and I happily lived there for 3 years before taking a job in NY and renting it out. The second property that the Zinchik Brothers helped us acquire was an estate sale in Bayview. It was a complicated situation, dealing with numerous parties and having to finalize the sale in court. The building was in need of very much work and one of the sellers did not want to vacate the property. Had all of this occurred under the watch of any other RealtorĀ®, 99% would have walked away from the sale. In this case, Eugene and Paul were with me all the way and even took a few meetings I couldn't make it to due to work. The situation resolved itself, and I am a proud owner of a duplex in Bayview. I hired Zinchik Brothers once more to assist in renting out one of the units. The apartment was listed and rented within a month, and I'm very happy with my neighbors! This is a team that goes above and beyond, that truly loves real estate, its clients, and sees possibilities beyond the walls in front of them, They are very well connected in the Bay Area and can help recommend lawyers, construction crews, and architects project managers. Whether they know it or not, I'm a client for life now!

Buyer | Seller

Paul is a wonderful agent. He has helped my family purchase multiple homes and we've only been grateful for it. His advice and guidance have been very invaluable. I feel Paul goes above and beyond by being there at every step of the way. Hand-holding in a sense. Every question we have in mind from remodeling or questioning our tenants, Paul is there to provide an answer. He genuinely comes off with our interests in mind. Thank you, Paul!

Sandy L.

If you're looking for an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent, look no further than Eugene Zinchik. When I was purchasing my property, Eugene was the best advisor I could have asked for. His real estate market knowledge is absolutely priceless. If you are looking for an agent who will guide you through the cumbersome real estate purchase process, know exactly the right bid you need to put on your property, and advise you each step of the way, until you get the keys to your new home - he's the agent for you. Eugene truly goes above and beyond.

Buyer | Seller

I am working with Paul Zinchik for the last 10 years, often on a daily basis. He had never let me down or left disappointed, in any respect. A highly recommended professional, A+.

Douge & Becci

We turned to Eugene to find our wine country dream home. He showed us properties all around Sonoma County. When we found what we wanted, Eugene guided us successfully through a competitive bid. I hope we get the chance to work with one another again.

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